No Collection – No Commission.
Just pay us commission for what TG Asia Management collected.

None – There are no any Hidden fee, just pay us commission for what we manage to collect.

You do not have to pay any extra fee for letters, emails, faxes or telephone calls which may be charged by other collection agencies.

Should there are an extra expense which are borne by the client. Costs will be advised in advance and will be approved in writing from the client prior to issue.

Act immediately should you facing below problems:-

  • You have contacted your customers more than 3 times
  • Your customer(s) do not response or payment for over 90 days
  • Customer(s) have exceeded your credit terms

Remember!! “The longer you wait for your money the less chance of recovery. You only have six years to legally collect your accounts..

Debt collection industry experience has taught us “The faster the account is handed to a collection agency … the better the result”!

To save yourself a headache, provide as much information on your customers as this will be an advantage to you.  This will assist you both now and in the future in collecting your accounts right through to litigation stage.

TG ASIA MANAGEMENT requires certain information on your customer(s) and where possible, you can supply the following:-

  • Writing agreements/ Contracts.
  • Director’s Guarantee.
  • Copy of Dishonour Cheque(s)
  • Copy of Purchase Orders/ Invoices/ Delivery Order/ Work Orders/ Statements
  • Latest details of Customer(s)’s contacts/ address/ Bank details
  • The more information you can provide to us will be an advantage to both of you and us to Act fast

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will get your money within seven days because that’s unrealistic.

Because we realize that no account or situation is the same.

Our aim is to ensure the client recovers the debt, in the most cost effective way.

At times with larger debts, a payment scheme may be arranged so the debtor can pay the amount in installments.

The length of time it takes to recover each debt varies and depends on the individual case.

Other factors that can come into the process are:-

  • Age of the debt
  • Accuracy of information
  • Contact details are current
  • Financial situation of the debtor

When your debtor pays the debt in full and it has been removed from our computer system, the credit rating will not be affected.

If the case goes to court, and judgment is found for the plaintiff (the creditor), this would be recorded and would affect the debtors credit rating.

Yes – If you have a signed written agreement from your customer if the client defaults you will charge them for collecting the debt. TG ASIA MANAGEMENT will recover these fees.

Our office will determine when the debt is uncollectable .You will be advised and the file will be closed and No Commission is applied.

If the legal action you issue is defended and you lose the case then the magistrate may make an order for costs against you in favour of the defendant/s. In this scenario you will still remain liable for our costs too – so beware – if you are going to sue ensure you can prove and substantiate your debt.

Remember a court order does not guarantee payment. TG ASIA MANAGEMENT must still collect the amount from the defendant.

We cover every state and territory in West and East Malaysia and Singapore.

Yes! So that you can assess its value to you. This is pretty basic stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.

Our initial consultation will explore what services would best suit your needs. Different clients have different needs.

Contact our office on +60197776966 and speak to our Sales team. We will recommend what the best debt collection strategy is for your business.

Our Head Office and call centre is located in Taman Setia Tropika.

  +60197776966 this number is for offices.

Our hours of operation are 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.